Historiography of the “Indianization” in Ancient Southeast Asian History

Do Truong Giang

For those who studying the ancient history of Southeast Asia, Indianization of Southeast Asia is one of the outstanding issues and there is much controversy surrounding this subject. From the early twentieth century, researchers had deep concern about this subject and there were initial opinions. The presence of traces of Hindu temples, the distribution density of the Sanskrit inscriptions, mythological stories of Indian origin … has led researchers to the hypothesis of an Indianization era in Southeast Asia. In the general context of early Twentieth century, almost of Far East countries were colonies, the West as a civilized people, implementation of the colony, the researchers have been associated with a period in ancient history, Southeast Asia had been a colony of India, subject to invasion and rule of India dynasties. This perception has gradually changed with the appearance of new historical evidences and new insights, especially after World War II, when the Southeast Asian nations gained the independence and standing in a new position, the study of these countries also began to be re-examined.

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