Journal of the Siam Society

The Siam Society, under Royal Patronage, is one of Thailand’s oldest and most active learned organization. The object of the Society is to investigate and to encourage the arts and sciences in Thailand and neighbouring countries.


Since the Society established its Journal in 1904, it has become one of the leading scholarly publications in South-East Asia. The Journal is international in outlook, carrying original articles of enduring value in English.

Readers: Access to all JSS articles since 1904

Journals are placed online three years after being published. Details of how to purchase a more recent volume can be found here.

The files listed in the links below are graphical scans of the printed journals. You cannot search for text inside the file. If you find any errors (missing pages, can’t download, etc), please send an email to

1904-1910 (Vols 1-7) 1911-1920 (Vols 8-13) 1921-1930 (Vols 14-24)
1931-1940 (Vols 25-32) 1941-1950 (Vols 33-38) 1951-1960 (Vols 38-48)
1961-1970 (Vols 49-58) 1971-1980 (Vols 59-68) 1981-1990 (Vols 69-78)
1991-2000 (Vols 79-88) 2001-2010 (Vols 89-98) 2011 (Vol 99)

Source:  The Siam Society


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