The 4th European Congress in World and Global History in Paris in 2014

Following an excellent response to our earlier Call for Panels, with over 130 proposals submitted, we now cordially invite paper proposals on encounters, circulations, and conflicts in, or spanning, different parts of the world. Organizers are interested in contributions that address the problematic opposition of centres and peripheries, still influential in historical research, and which discuss the meaning and relevance of relations, comparisons, transfers, and entanglements between states, peoples, communities, and individuals in a ‘long durée’-perspective. 

Organizrs’ intention is to transcend, in as multifaceted a manner as possible, the confines of national history writing. However, we specifically look forward to paper proposals that complement and fill slots in the existing panels while also expanding the intellectual range of the conference’s programme. 

Organizers particularly welcome proposals addressing the following topics:

  • Pre-1500 cross-cultural encounters and circulations
  • Large-scale and global commodity chains / filières
  • Agents, mediators and sites of border-crossing transfers
  • Infrastructure of entanglements and integration dynamics (international congresses, organisations, bureaus etc.)
  • Transregional migration
  • Forms of forced labour history
  • Internationalization of workers, unionist, political activists and transnational social and political movements
  • Regionalization and globalization of higher education and academia (including shifting patterns of funding and decision-making)
  • State-building, processes of de- and reterritoralization and other forms of rescaling in comparative perspective
  • Large-scale crises and the consequences of political, technological, and ideological revolutions
  • Comparative military history and the destructive effects of international and global connectivity
  • Imaginations and representation of empires
  • Production and circulation of knowledge
  • Concepts and methodologies of world and global history, for both teaching and research

While other topics may be suggested, their acceptance will depend on the available space in the programme.


In addition to providing a name, affiliation and email, the proposal should include the title of the paper and an abstract (100 words). Conference languages will be English, French and German.

Submission: All proposals must be received by 30 September 2013 and submitted electronically through the congress website:


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