Siem Reap Conference on Special Topics in Khmer Studies

4th Annual International Conference — Siem Reap, Cambodia — December 6th to 8th, 2013

Following previous successful conferences on Epigraphy & Databases (2009-10), Archaeometallurgy (2011) and the History of Religions (2012), the organising committee of the annual Siem Reap Conference on Special Topics in Khmer Studies is pleased to announce that the meeting will be dedicated, in 2013, to the topic of Art History and Visual Cultures.

Participants in this international dialogue will explore theories, methodologies, eras and subject matter that have escaped the gaze of traditional Khmer art historical studies. The committee invites submissions from all disciplines including Anthropology, Archaeology, Art History, Cultural Studies, History, Philosophy and Religious Studies, with the principal requirement being that the theme of the submission relates specifically to Cambodian visual culture. Input from researchers studying Cambodian art from the middle, modern, and contemporary periods that approach their chosen material in novel and challenging ways are particularly encouraged. There are many paths to appraising the Cambodian past, and by recognizing such indirect routes this conference will cultivate an exuberant and nuanced perspective that corresponds with the diversity of Cambodian visual cultures.


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