Inauguration of The Underwater Archaeology Department – Vietnam Institute of Archaeology (IA)

The Underwater Archaeology Department, under the IA (In Vietnamese: Phòng Khảo cổ học Dưới nước) will formally start operations from the 1st July, 2013, with the Decision No. 141/QĐ-KCH, dated on the 25th June, 2013 which nominate Dr. Le Thi Lien as Head of the Underwater Archaeology Department.

In the first period of establishment, the main functions of the Department are:

1) Surveys, rescure excavations and inventory of underwater archaeological sites in Vietnam;

2) Researches on underwater archaeological sites and artifacts, and related document to improve the knowledge on maritime history, history of cultural exchanges and trade on the sea of Vietnam;

3) International cooperation in research and training programs, and in capacity building activities for Vietnamese underwater archaeology;

4) In collaboration with the Journal “Khao co hoc” for the publication of papers on underwater archaeology.


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